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Over 50 Years in Manufacturing of The Finest Soya Sauce

About Sin Heng Lee

Established in 1999, Sin Heng Lee Food Industries Sdn Bhd is the proud owner of the Apple brand sauces and condiments. With out passion and over 50 years of solid know-how of manufacturing sauces and condiments unique to the Chinese cuisine has taught us the value of the recipes to out culinary culture.

Working with time-tested recipes formulated by our past generations, the Apple brand of sauces has delighted consumers with its authentic taste and aromas. Every drop of Apple’s sauce that you add in a dish is produced with ingredients of the highest quality. We also insist on using the age-old natural fermentation method, believing that time and patience will yield better results.

Good ingredients must go hand-in-hand with a fitting technology proven production process and with this commitment we are able to churn delicate and aromatic sauces and condiments that befits our slogan ~ Adding Flavor To Your Life….

With our insistence in product quality and hygienic manufacturing conditions, we constantly monitor our manufacturing procedures and employ strict compliance in every stage of our manufacturing process has earn our Halal certification by Malaysia’s governing bodies. Our commitment to adhere to the recommended policies and practices has earned us trust from Muslim communities. The Apple brand is also trusted in Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and we look forward to expanding our reach within the region and internationally.


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